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Class Schedule

 Class descritions do not always tell the full story. If a class interests you ,you may observe or try it out to see if it is for you or your child.


Classical ​ballet technique and dance terminology. Ballet is the base for most dance genres and teaches grace and precision using intricate flowing movement and gestures.


Tap dance is an exciting form of rhythmic movement, rehearsed and performed in specialized shoes fitted with metal taps on the ball and heel of the shoe.



Jazz is a high energy genre that is fun and suitable for all ages. This type of dance consists of fancy footwork, leaps, and quick turns. The style allows a dancer to showcase their performance skills.

Musical Theatre

This dance style is rooted in Broadway and places a  focus on musical interpretation and acting. Ballet, Jazz, and Tap dance styles are all used.


 A free and expressive style of movement, Modern incorporates many dance styles and incorporates movement concepts. The dancer is encouraged to find their own movement style.


Hip Hop is a popular, energetic dance style usually

performed to hip hop music and evolved from street dance.

Contemporary /Lyrical

 This is a dance style that blends aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics. modern, and  hip hop. It is a popular style of expression.


This is a form of gymnastics performed without props or equipment. Tricks, partnering, and lifts are often easier for dancers that have explored tumbling.

Hoops and Silks (Aerial Dance)

The aerial hoop or lyra is a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling. Silks are fabrics hung from the ceiling. Both are used to perform circus /acrobatic movements.

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